We employ a number of verifiable experts in the fields of audio and video, all of whom have years of experience designing and engineering systems to suit the unique specifications of each individual project. From complex system engineering to post-production audio engineering and mastering, we have the technical know-how to make it work, no matter the size or scale.


From setting up a small projector for a corporate presentation or speakers conference, to rigging and installing a large-scale multi-projector system for a theatrical production, to installing systems for an interactive sound experience, Five OHM technicians are equipped to install your audio or video system safely and efficiently. Our technicians work hard, pay attention to every detail, and have even been dubbed "the happiest audio/video team in the city".


On our team are video, lighting, and sound programmers, with the experience and training necessary to operate various types of consoles for all kinds of productions. Whether the job is busking the lights for a high-profile event, programming the video content for an art installation, or mixing the sound for a huge off-broadway musical, we've got it covered. We have certified experts in D3, Watchout, Qlab, Isadora, VDMX, Modulate and any board you can give us specs for.


If you're hosting a party, gala, wedding, or other event, we've got a DJ for you. With a passion for music and 20+ years of experience, our DJ's can play any genre under the sun and have the technical competence to make sure your event goes off without a hitch and keep the sweet beats coming until the break of dawn. House, Jungle, Top 40, Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, Disco, Folk, Pop, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, even the early Oughts and the twenty tens.


We care about the art. Collaboration is our strong suit, and if you're looking for a sound, video, lighting, systems or content designer, look no further. Our diverse experience allows us to understand the differing needs of a wide array of productions, and create a design that is cohesive and serves the overall artistic vision. Let our team of designers bring your vision alive.


Writing, shooting and editing requires a wide variety of skillsets, and we've got the team to make that happen. On our team are people who specialize in every aspect of the film-making process; from Producers, Directors and Editors to Grips, Gaffers and Production Audio . From pre-production writing and development to post-production editing and distribution, we would love the opportunity to work on your film, music video, or promoitonal from the very begining to the bitter end.


We relish the opportunity to exercise our post production prowess. Post-production is often the hardest and most grueling part of making a film, and we want to help. We offer a wide range of audio and video editing expertise for original films, music videos, corporate promotional videos, actor demo reels, live and interactive design content and everything in-between. Have a good idea for a movie? We can help to make it better. Don't have an idea at all? We have you covered there too. Whatever your project is, we can help it come to fruition as a finalized product, ready for distribution or presentation.


We are more than your average audio/video production company. We are writers, designers, directors, composers, and content creators. But most of all, we are collaborators. Thanks to modern technology, creative content is being generated more quickly than ever before. At Five OHM, we have both the creative and technical minds necessary to help you keep up with that breakneck pace.


Graham Johnson



Ryan Hall

Director of Operations


Luke Norby

Creative Director


Scott James

Media Director


Sam Cotton

Office Manager


Jim Petty

Audio Engineer


Anthony Luciani



Claire Waggoner

Creative Developer


Dustin Barbin

Project Manager


Adam Bishop

Lead Production Video


Bryan Williams

Project Manager & Production Audio


Don Cieslik

Video Designer & Editor



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